Good Culture is Key to Innovation & Productivity

We have your back

What if one of your employees is creating a toxic work environment and nobody is speaking up? Whistler can find the problem and speak up for them.

In the ever-expanding world of workplace communications, nothing can be overlooked. That’s why Whistler monitors everything, even apps like Wickr, and WhatsApp where users can communicate through encrypted channels. We help you maintain company policies in all communications while simultaneously monitoring for and preventing sensitive information leaks.

Your workplace culture is your competitive advantage. Protect it and make sure it remains healthy and productive for everyone.

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Take the burden of reporting off of your employees and let them thrive

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Analytics & Risk Scoring

Employees send thousands of IMs and emails every day. Our AI-Enabled Risk-Scorer flags what is most important to you, allowing you to monitor your company without reading thousands of messages. Our platform learns from both your initial configurations as well as continuing behavior, evolving with your company. 

  • Surface complex issues and access in-depth reporting.
  • Find and address hostile communications immediately.
  • Train employee in-the-moment when their behavior triggers a warning

Ready to be relaxed?

Get out of the way of your best and brightest by creating a healthy and productive work environment for them.

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