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Learn how to leverage communication protection

Learn what compliance needs to do to safeguard their firms in a world of remote working, increasing regulation, and more unpredictable risks than ever.

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Becoming the Perfect Customer

I had the good fortune to visit a prospective client recently at their campus, and I started off the meeting by expressing my excitement that we had found in them an organization whose vision for how ...
author Anish Parikh 4 Min Read
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Lost in the Magic Quadrant: Are You Sure You Know What You’re Getting?

Many procurement teams use Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant,” and similar services, as heuristics for their decision making. Things like the “Magic Quadrant” are rankings conducted in several specific ...
author Anish Parikh 5 Min Read
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Honcho Talks Ep. 4: Too Soon to Talk About Compliance? No, It’s Already Too Late

Anish Parikh: I'm Anish. I'm the CEO of Honcho and I'm joined today by Brendan Cohen, principal of Annex Ventures. Thanks for being on the podcast, Brendan.
author Anish Parikh 42 Min Read
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Honcho Talks Ep. 2: Retention vs. Surveillance

author Anish Parikh 30 Min Read
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