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Cause for Concern, not Fear

Almost daily for ~5 years, I woke up somewhere between 3 and 6 am, and the first thing I did was to try and calm my fears.

What fears?

  • Will our software work as it is supposed to
  • Will we have enough money to pay everyone
  • Am I the failure I always feared I would be

I'd wake up, walk my dogs, grab some coffee, and get to the office to do the only thing I knew how to do to quell those fears:


Build product

Call customers and ensure they're getting what they need

5 years

When I wake up now, I don't have to calm my fears, but not because I don't have them.

Every morning I envision each one of those fears being realized

  • Our software doesn't work as it should
  • We can't pay everyone
  • I am a failure

I roll around in those fears, let them cover me like a warm blanket...and ask myself what I do now.

The answer: Exactly what I am doing

My wife (for reasons unknown) still loves me. My kids still love me (they have to). My dogs still consider me the best hot dog dispenser they ever met.

And I still go off to work, doing the only thing I know how...but without fear.

I'm saying this because I know fear when I smell it, and our country (and most of our planet) is caught in the throes of fear right now.

Yes, there is cause for concern around the novel coronavirus. But let our response be one of concern, and not one of fear.