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"People fear technology because they do not understand it.  I love making it easy to understand"

- Anish Parikh

Honcho was born when an offhand instant message dragged a friend of mine and his company into a frivolous litigation which took 3 years, cost the company millions, and caused untold stress.  I saw how technology could make this a thing of the past, and set off to bring this solution to the world's greatest enterprises.

I realized from a young age that people fear technology because they do not understand it.  I love making hard technology easy to understand and use.

We Lived Through Too Many Scandals To Count

We had to completely rethink how people and companies consider communications in the age of social media and work from anywhere

There is no such thing as ‘delete’ anymore. Every word we type exists in perpetuity — likely in more places than one. Seemingly by the day, we adopt new platforms and services to connect, communicate and collaborate. 
The challenge is that every keystroke across every communication platform represents the potential demise of a company or the employee who wrote it. Good companies have historically relied on email repositories, spot checks and constant employee training to stem the damage. But the swell is too much and it affects everyone from the Board Room to the mailroom.
Neither companies nor individuals are equipped to self-police our every word choice. It’s inhuman. And yet, it’s our reality.

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