Take Control!

Stop Damaging Communications At Work

Incredibly Effective, Brain Dead Simple Governance Software for Business Leaders

Policies? Useless.
Training? Waste of time.

Tired of losing?
Change the game.

A Single Misconstrued Communication Can Cost You Millions...Even Billions

There Is No Such Thing As Delete

We love legal and compliance (even if nobody else does).  

We've been in governance for decades, wondering why the software sucks and was made for our kids, who can't even spell c-o-m-p-l-i-a-n-c-e.

And now there's WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, and a dozen others we've never heard of and don't want to.  

But our associates work anywhere, across countless communication channels,  on whichever device, and when they inevitably misstep, social media plasters their words all over the internet.  

Nobody is equipped to handle it, but we are held accountable for it.

Wait, This Sounds Simple


Prevent damaging communications from ever happening?  In any application?? Automatically???


Why didn't I think of that?  (If you did you could be working here)


So simple it hurts -- when damaging communications are prevented there is no fine, no cleanup, no damage control to be done.

simplicity saves time and money

Watch Honcho Work

"Don't shoot the messenger...I really don't want to read your IM's, I just have to keep you from shooting yourself (and the rest of us) in the foot.  So please quit your bellyaching and let's do this."

Chief Compliance Officer / General Counsel Every Company With Something To Lose
2020 Edition

See How the Fortune 500 has taken control

Learn six "easy-to-do" tactics that will help the company demonstrate best efforts using pre-communications surveillance.