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Some things should never be written at work. Safeguard your people and your company by preventing damaging communications from ever happening in the first place.

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Nobody can rely on 'delete'

Every word we type exists in perpetuity, likely in more places than one, so check-the-box compliance programs won't cut it anymore. Seemingly by the day, we adopt new platforms and services to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Which means we need to adopt new technologies to make sure that our people and companies aren't saying the wrong things. 

Honcho provides communication protection software that keeps you and your employees safe

In plain English, we stop people from saying the wrong thing before they hit send. How do we do it? Click below for a 90-second overview.

Prevent bad decisions now, avoid costly litigation later

Quickly & safely monitor open applications

Scan every open app as fingers are hitting keys to ensure everyone is aligned with HR and compliance guidelines

Protect Reputations

Our patented technology prevents good people from writing bad communications that could destroy their companies and their careers

Be the first to know

Surface risk in your archives before someone else does 

"Don't shoot the messenger...I really don't want to read your IM's, I just have to keep you from shooting yourself (and the rest of us) in the foot.  So please quit your bellyaching and let's do this."

Chief Compliance Officer / General Counsel Every Company With Something To Lose

Preparing for something that may never happen can seem unnecessary - until it's not.

We know it's hard to think about what hasn't occurred yet. Which is why we write about these things all the time on our blog. We find the answers so you don't have to.

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